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The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

It is possible to connect a cell phone to the in-vehicle equipment through the Bluetooth В® format (wireless) to make a phone call from the in-vehicle equipment or take an incoming phone call.

Since the BluetoothВ® format is wireless, a connection between the in-vehicle equipment and the cell phone can be made without placing them in close proximity of each other. The cell phone can be used with it left in the breast pocket or bag.

- The Hands-free system may not operate properly under the following conditions.

– The cell phone is turned off.

– The cell phone is not in the phone call area.

– The battery of the cell phone has run down.

– The cell phone is not connected to the Hands-free system.

– The cell phone is behind the seat or in the glove box.

– A metal material covers or touches the cell phone.

- Depending on the type of cell phone that is used, the screen on the cell phone may remain illuminated while the ignition switch is in the “ON” position. If this occurs, turn the illumination off by adjusting the cell phone settings.

- Depending on the setting of the cell phone, the dial lock function may be activated after making a call. Deactivate the automatic dial lock function of the cell phone before using the Handsfree system.

- Depending on the type of cell phone that is used, operation and the sound volume may be different from those of cell phones currently used.

- When the ignition switch is turned to the “LOCK” position during a call, the call may be disconnected or continued on the cell phone depending on the type of cell phone that is used. Note that operation of the cell phone may be necessary if the call is continued on the cell phone.

- Do not speak at the same time as the other party during a call. If you and the party speak at the same time, it may be difficult for the other party to hear your voice and vice versa. This is normal.

- The receiver sound volume should be set as low as possible. Otherwise, the party you are calling may notice an undesirable echo sound.

- Speak clearly and loudly.

- Your voice may be difficult to be heard by the party under the following conditions.

– Driving on a rough road.

– Driving at a high speed.

– Driving with a window open.

– When air from the ventilator blows directly towards the microphone.

– When the sound coming from the ventilator is loud.

– When the cell phone is too close to the microphone.

- The sound quality may degrade due to the influence of the cell phone that is connected to the system or the circumstances of the Bluetooth network.

- When another BluetoothВ® device is simultaneously connected, noise may be heard in the voice coming from the hands-free phone.

    Corresponding profiles for the cell phone
    - HFP (Hands Free Profile): Ver. 1.0 - OPP (Object Push Profile): Ver. 1.1 ...

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